Looking after your mental and physical health is more important now than ever.  When in isolation your motivation can be non-existent and then poor eating habits can creep in and less general movement. This can be really hard to get out of once in this cycle (I know from experience).

With races now being cancelled or postponed we are offering virtual challenges to keep you motivated with your fitness and will send you your well deserved medal at the end of each challenge.  All the medals we offer are wooden and eco friendly, our partner Pulsin are also providing a nutrition bar to be sent with every entry too!

This is how it works
  1. Enter a virtual event (details on each event page)
  2. Record your exercise – on a piece of paper, your phone, watch, Garmin or strava app, whichever way you can and at the end of the event send your evidence to registrations@finish-line-events.co.uk
  3. We will post your well-deserved medal and nutrition bar!