Terms and Conditions


‘The Company’ – Finish Line Events
‘The Participant’ – You

On receipt of payment and on registering your participation at this event you the participant are agreeing to the following points outlined in these terms and conditions/disclaimer. You the participant agree and understand that Finish Line Events and their representatives will not be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage, claim, illness or injury and in worst case death suffered or incurred by you which may arise as a result of your participation. In acceptance of this entry, the participant assumes full and complete responsibility for any of the above listed possibilities that may occur while travelling to and from the event, during the event or while you are on the event premises.


Entering & participating in this event is entirely at your own risk. By entering online, the participant is agreeing to this disclaimer. The participant understands The company will not be liable for any injury, loss, damage or death from participating in this event. The participant is confirming they are medically fit to participate and is unaware of any health or other condition which may affect your ability to safely take part. The participant is entering at their own risk.


You the participant agree you are happy to be photographed by the company or by any 3rd party before, during and after the event and for these images to be used by the company for promotional purposes at any time in the future.


The minimum age for a participant is 12 years old uo to 5 miles, 10k and above is 15 years old. To enter a race under the age of 18 you must be accompanied to the event by a responsible adult with a signed/online entry permission of a parent or legal guardian.

Dog Friendly Events

Some of our events are dog friendly. These such races will be advertised as so.
Control of your dog is required at all times. The rightful owner of a dog is required to have liability insurance (or family insurance) for any damages that their dog may commit, or injuries that the dog may cause. The rightful owner of a dog is the person named as such in the dog’s vaccination book and/or official paperwork. The rightful owner must ensure that the animal is owned (cared for) in accordance with the law. Proof of insurance will be required at registration, without proof you will not be able to run and the entry fee non refundable.
The event will be covered by public liability insurance as standard.
We welcome any breed or cross breed of dog, but they must be at least 12 months old. Swapping of dogs during a race is not permitted.
Bitches in season are not excluded from competing; however, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that adequate precautions are taken and that they acknowledge full liability. Owners must inform race organisers if they intend to compete with a bitch in season so provisions can be made. For example, they may be asked to start at the back to ensure the smallest number of issues. They will also need to be kept away from the group during briefings and at the start/end of a race.
No pregnant or nursing bitches are allowed to compete. Dogs that have been coughing or have been in contact with infectious diseases within the previous 21 days should not be brought to the event.
Nobody should race dogs that are nervous of humans, as this can cause undue stress to these dogs. It is strongly recommended that dogs receive a vet health check before competing at our event. Any dogs deemed unfit to race by either the race Vet or event organisers must be withdrawn from competition. All races are non refundable and non transferable as with regular (non canicross) race registrations. 

Cancellation/amendment of event

The company reserve the right to change the route anytime before the event start. All events will be marshalled, the participant agrees to adhere to the Marshall instruction at all times during the event for their own safety. The company can cancel, delay or postpone the event due to unforeseen circumstances including weather conditions, advisories from government bodies and forestry commission. The participant has read, understands and agrees that should this event be changed or cancelled because of this we shall not be liable for any expense, costs, or damages suffered by participants.

Refunds, deferments and transfers

Refunds – can only be given if the participant informs us 2 months prior to the event entered
Deferment – Participants must inform us strictly no later than two weeks prior to the race days to enable a deferment to the same race the following year or a
Name transfer – participant wishing to transfer their number to a new participant can do so free of charge up to 1 week before the event booked. After this time and on the event day a £5 admin fee will be charged.